Iditarod XLI: March 5, 2013 (Updates)

Just a couple of quick developments: Aaron Burmeister is first out of Nikolai. He seems to be trying to get a jump on Martin Buser. He left at 12:25 AKST. About a quarter of the mushers are now in Nikolai, and a few (Aliy Zirkle, Lance Mackey, Mitch Seavey) appear to be getting ready to leave, according to reports.

Martin Buser’s 24-hour mandatory rest is over. He left Rohn at 12:03, right on the dot.  Being 70 miles behind his best competitors with his 24-hour rest already over puts him in a good position.

The majority of the mushers are now on the trail between Rohn and Nikolai, with just three—Mikhail Telpin, Cindy Abbot, and Newton Marshall—arriving in Rohn and one, David Sawatzky, still at Rainy Pass. Sawatzky appears to be taking his 24-hour layover in Rainy. He is currently carrying the Red Lantern.

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