Martin Buser Has 4-Hour Lead in Iditarod XLI

Currently mushing up the Yukon River, Martin Buser has about a 4-hour lead in Iditarod XLI. After completing his mandatory 8-hour Yukon River rest in Anvik at 10:17am this morning, he made a 2h 25m run to Grayling and plowed through the checkpoint at 12:52pm. Buser is now halfway between Grayling and the next checkpoint, Eagle Island.

Aliy Zirkle held the lead in Grayling until Buser passed through. She is currently on her mandatory 8-hour Yukon break and cannot leave until 5:54 AKST. Aaron Burmeister, Jake Berkowitz, Sonny Lindner, Jessie Royer, Mitch Seavey, and DeeDee Jonrowe are all currently in Grayling, about 25 miles behind Buser who is moving at 6.7mph. Seavey is the only musher in Grayling who has already taken his mandatory 8-hour break, having taken it in Shageluk, so he will likely be first out of Grayling or may follow shortly after Zirkle. Burmeister and Berkowitz are on their breaks and won’t be able to leave until 7:06 and 7:37 respectively.

It remains to be seen if Lindner, Royer, and Jonrowe will take their 8-hours in Grayling or head further up the Yukon. My guess is they’ll all take their breaks in Grayling, which leaves Zirkle and Seavey with the best chance of trying to cut down on Buser’s growing lead.

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