More on Cindy Abbott

Craig Medred is an award-winning journalist who has written about the Iditarod and life in Alaska for decades. On Sunday, Medred reported in the Alaska Dispatch about Cindy Abbott’s ill-fated Iditarod run, and he corrects a couple of factual mistakes reported in the Orange County Register piece I linked to earlier.

Abbott did indeed fall on the ice and break her pelvis early in the race and eventually had to be rescued outside the Kaltag checkpoint 600 miles later. However, according to Abbott, she was not suffering from extreme hypothermia as originally reported.

Medred also reveals what the race cost Abbott, not only physically but financially.Yet through it all, Abbott is surprisingly upbeat about her experience: “I had a great experience. It was fabulous. It’s all good.”

The fact that Abbott was able to continue for another 600 miles after such a terrible injury is mind-boggling. has video of Abbott coming into Takotna checkpoint, 329 miles into the race, and you would never guess by looking at her what she had suffered. At this point, no one actually knew what had happened to her, and apparently she wasn’t complaining. Talk about tough!

Here’s a link to Medred’s article:

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